Vietti Derthona Timorasso

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Italy's Piedmont is associated with some of Europe's greatest red wines, but it has never really cultivated white grapes that were held in any esteem.  Until now!  Timorasso is an ancient indigenous grape that was saved from near extinction by winemaker Walter Massa in the 1990s. After years of his advocacy, Massa caught the attention of other Piemontese winemakers, including Luca and Elena Currado of Vietti.  The Currados experimented with Massa for three years to find the proper vineyard sites and aging techniques for TImorasso, and now produce an excellent (and highly sought-after) white wine that rivals great Chenins in France, or dry Rieslings in Germany for depth and aromatics.  This wine benefits from air - our bottle was even better the second day - and is an amazing accompaniment to even the most elegant meals.  Like no other Italian wine.  We get a tiny allotment each year.

100% Timorasso
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