Gamba Le Quare Valpolicella Classico

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Valpolicella Classico are fantastic summer reds! This one comes from Gamba, a family run winery established in 2003. The winery is located within the region of Valpolicella that existed before the area received DOC status in 1968 and expanded. This original area is where wines marked “Classico '' are made and is still widely considered to contain the higher quality vineyards. Gamba has 15 hectares of vines here at roughly 980 feet above sea level. They make a range of wines from the hefty Amarones Valpolicella is most famous for, down to this delightful Classico for easy drinking. This is a chillable wine with bright red cherry notes and is the perfect companion to all the variations on “meals that don’t require cooking” we are all eating right now! 

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