Domaine Yves Duport Celine Rosé

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The term "Glou-Glou" (glug-glug or gulp-gulp) gets thrown around A LOT.  We tend not to use it much as it lumps a vast and varied selection of some of our favorite wines into one oversimplified category.
It's impossible to deny the pure pleasure of a wine like this.  From the wee region of Bugey (historically part of Burgundy, but way up in the mountains next to Savoie), these grapes, all grown biodynamically from vines 25-30 years old, are combined in a slightly surprising way to make a light red?  Rosé?  Blush?
You won't be worried about nomenclature when you're drinking it, with food or without.  And if you must "gulp" it a bit, we can hardly blame you.  Just do it responsibly!  A steal at this price.

40% Chardonnay, 40% Gamay, and 20% Mondeuse

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