Darting Pinot Meunier Trocken

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Though Darting has a history of grape growing dating to 1780, it was not until 1989 that the winery began to sell all of their grapes as wine under their own label. The family also maintains a highly regarded vine nursery, selling their grafted vines throughout Germany.  We'll let enthusiastic importer Terry Thiese describe this wine to you:  "This is full-on yummy, outrageously yummy, drinky beyond the outer limits of drinky-ness – and yet, again, it is not mundane, but rather smart. Its smartness is a crucial part of its rampant charm. You could call it a simple pleasure, but simple pleasures are rarely all that simple.​  I’d really love to probe the mind of the person who tastes this and doesn’t want to bathe in it. What kind of ghoul must that person be?"  We love it too, Terry!

100% Pinot Meunier

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