Cantina Kaltern Kellerei Kaltern Schiava*

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Schiava was once the Südtirol/Alto Adige region’s most planted grape – with 60% of total vineyard area – until Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay began to supplant it. That’s too bad, because the light, crisp, and juicy red wines this local grape makes are fun to drink and pair well with a wide range of foods. Cantina Kaltern / Kellerei Kaltern’s Schiava is fresh and bright with a vibrant berry fruit skating across a calm bed of acidic tannin like a wind-surfer cruising across Lake Kaltern. Have this wine cool as if you’ve just taken it out of your cellar or if it and you have been sitting outside, gazing at the mountains on a brisk, fall, Südtirolean day.

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