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This is the perfect selection for the warm weather pool days that are upon us! 

Sparkling - Poggio Costa Friuli Venezie-Giulia Prosecco NV

Venice Area, Italy                               Grape: Glera

Poggio Costa, the “hill by the sea,” gets its fruit from the north of Italy near the gulf of Trieste in the Adriatic sea. These vineyard sites are located near the town also named Prosecco and made from 100% Glera, the grape that was formerly called Prosecco! This part of Italy is the birthplace of Prosecco and the area of Slovenia that it borders is the birthplace of the Glera grape. This particular Prosecco is organic and full of lively bubbles, fresh fruits (apple, melon, that sort of thing) and a touch of mineral


Rosé - Bricco dei Tati Rosè of Barbera x3

Piemonte, Italy Grape: Barbera

Taking up little more than three acres on a hillside across the valley from the village of Barbaresco, the property has an early 1800’s farmhouse, a cantina and cellar dug out of the hill directly beneath it, and a vineyard with some vines that are almost as old as the house.


Rosé - Château Saint-Cyrgues Costèries de Nîmes Rosé

Costèries de Nîmes, France Grape: Syrah - Grenache

This wine comes from a place bursting with white peonies and the sea air breezes from the nearby salt beds. Chateau Saint Cyrgues is located in the Rhone delta southwest of Avignon. This is also where the Phoenicians first planted grape vines in France, about 2,500 years ago! The rosé is crisp, zesty, bright, and has a touch of salinity. 


Light Red - Bodegas Trenza La Nymphina Monastrell

Yecla, Spain Grape: Monastrell

Made by two Danish brothers, David and Jonas Tofterup, Bodegas Trenza organically dry farms their grapes, turning them, in this instance, into a fresh, fruit forward, approachable Monastrell. Light-bodied, it delivers black cherry notes that sit on top of deep notes of plum and whiffs of spice. 

Crisp Bianco - Punzi Pinot Grigio x2

Friuli, Italy Grape: Pinot Grigio 

The Anselmi family has been making wine since 1928. Brothers Giuseppe and Luigi represent their third generation (and they’re training their sons!). They grow on 250 hectares of clayey soils, rich in mineral salts and ventilated by sea breezes blowing in off the Adriatic. 


Island Bianco - Alcesti L'Isola dei Profumi Bianco

Sicily Grapes: Cataratto - Grecanico

This family-owned winery sits in the Marsala growing region of Sicily. There the Palladinos own and manage 30 hectares of land between Marsala, Mazara, and Salemi. You can feel their admiration in the name of this wine — “Perfume Island.”


Light, Chillable Red - Cantina Kaltern Kellerei Kaltern Schiava

Alto-Adige, Italy Grape: Schiava

Schiava was once the Südtirol/Alto Adige region’s most planted grape – with 60% of total vineyard area – until Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay began to supplant it. That’s too bad, because the light, crisp, and juicy red wines this local grape makes are fun to drink and pair well with a wide range of foods. Cantina Kaltern's Schiava is fresh and bright with a vibrant berry fruit skating across a calm bed of acidic tannin like a wind-surfer cruising across Lake Kaltern.


Bold Red - Chañarmuyo x2

La Rioja, Argentina Grape: Malbec

This Malbec comes from their San Gabriel estate at more than 5,500 feet above sea level. After hand harvesting the grapes, Chañarmuyo ferments them and then ages them in French oak for eight months.

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