Villa Papiano Probi Romagna Sangiovese Modigliana Riserva

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At Villa Papiano, Francesco Bordini, his brother Giampaolo, and their two sisters Maria Rosa and Enrica, share the responsibilities of running the winery. Villa Papiano consists of 25 acres of vineyards and a 15th-century villa, both located at 1800 feet above sea level in the Apennines, the mountains dividing Emilia-Romagna from Tuscany.   These are by far the highest vineyards in the region.  The siblings bought the property, which had previously belonged to their father, and converted it to organic agriculture.  Francesco manages the vineyards and makes the wines and is involved in many projects in the area such as leading the first-ever soil mapping of Emilia-Romagna.   We've long loved the kid brother of this wine, but when we got a chance to try this reserve-level two weeks ago, we fell completely in love!  At a perfect plateau of maturity: rich, dense fruit, and plenty of structure. Sock away a couple for fall!
100% Sangiovese

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