Uva Non Grata Gros Manseng

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Boutinot France began as a tiny importer in 1980, specializing in French wines. Today, Boutinot has over 20 employees who take care of production across the whole of France, sourcing from small growers and their own vineyards. As far as Gros Manseng goes, you are much more likely to have heard of (one of its parents) Petit Manseng, especially as it becomes more and more important in our local wine region. Gros Manseng is more commonly blended but this week’s Wine of the Week is 100% Gros Manseng, though still a blend of two wines! One wine is made from grapes harvested a bit earlier in the season and fermented totally dry, and a small portion of wine made from later harvested grapes that is blended in to bring luscious tropical and stone fruits to the mix. This is an exceptionally friendly and slightly lower alcohol wine that would sing with salty pre-dinner snacks, meals with a bit of spice, or with a splash of seltzer on a (STILL) almost 90 degree day. Enjoy!

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