Roeno Terra Alta Valdadige Pinot Grigio

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Valdadige is one of the few DOCs in Europe to overlap two larger wine regions, Trentino-Alto Adige and the Veneto. The Roeno winery, founded in the 1960s by Rolando Fugatti*, is situated on the border along the Adige river, east of Lake Garda.  The Roena Pino Grigio comes from steep slopes along the river on the Trentino side.  Under the supervision of 2nd generation Roberta, Cristina, and Giuseppe, the grapes are harvested entirely by hand for complete control over selection.  After fermentation, the wine undergoes malolactic conversion in barrel, and then is aged sur lie in stainless steel.  Rich and aromatic, with classic northern Italian crispness on the finish.  This wine is a particularly good deal!

*ROENO is an acronym.  Roeno as Rolando, the founder's name, and eno like Enos, which in greek means wine. 

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