Roanoke Valley Mix Six #2

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In collaboration with our long-time vendor Roanoke Valley Wine Company, we are offering a SECOND AMAZING deal on six of their best-selling wines.

This mix includes three wines from Spain and three from Italy.  The Spanish include your new favorite porch-sipper, a frizzante Muscat, a gorgeous Verdejo from Rueda, and a seriously old-vine Garnacha that was one of the wine shop's most successful red wines ever.  The Italians are even nicer, and range the entire length of Italy, from a Primitivo from Puglia, to a Tuscan Rosso, to a VERY elegant Ligurian Vermentino.

Full retail price on these wines is $128.94

All six for $99.99!!!


This offer is a one-off, and we cannot make any substitutions.

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