Ritual Chocolate Bundle

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A bundle of handcrafted Ritual Chocolate bars at a discounted price!
"We continuously strive for more sustainable practices—whether it’s the cacao we source, the sugar we use, our compostable chocolate pouches, the recyclable box, or the way we organize our factory to best utilize the natural heat to help us in our processes and reduce energy use. In partnership with the Recycle Utah Green Business Program, we set new sustainability goals every year to make sure we are always improving and doing our best. Future goals include becoming 100% zero waste and 100% solar powered."

Fleur du Sel
Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination satisfies your sweet and savory craving simultaneously and stupendously.
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Sea Salt

The "gateway chocolate" for non-believers. Unbelievably fruity and nutty thanks to unique terroir. Made with organic cacao from Bertil Akesson's farm in the Sambirano Valley in Northern Madagascar. The region is known for producing cacao rich with notes of citrus.
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Citrus & Peanut

Made with our Belize 75% chocolate and topped with house-made honeycomb toffee. Utah is also known as The Beehive State, so we couldn’t resist making a chocolate bar that represents our state. For our toffee we use Utah-local Hollow Tree Honey, which is carefully sourced raw, wildflower honey from hives across the Wasatch Mountain range. This honey is full of floral, nectar flavors that are unique to the array of wildflowers growing in our area.

Mid Mountain Blend
A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins. Our goal was to highlight subtle tasting notes from each bean. Fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, floral- it's all here. 
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Graham Cracker

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