Poderi Cellario Il Giovanotto MMXX 1L

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Fausto and Cinzia Cellario are 3rd generation winemakers in the village of Carru`.  The family believes in only working with local, indigenous Piemontese grape varieties and fiercely defends local winemaking traditions both in vineyard work and cellar practices. 
The Cellario vineyard holdings cover some 30 ha between 5 different vineyard sites covering the southern Langhe. With holdings in Novello and Monforte, the Dogliani plot is arguably the family’s most prestigious land and they are considered Dolcetto specialists.
 Whole-cluster maceration makes this Dolcetto a delicious "glou-glou" wine in a one-liter bottle.  And at 11.5% alcohol, a light way to enjoy your January!  Many of you have enjoyed the Poderi Cellario "E!" wines or the "Grinozza," also packaged in liter bottles. Don't sleep on this one! 

100% Dolcetto

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