Ovum Old Love

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 Old Love is inspired by practices established by Austrian monks in the early 1800s: the harvesting of vineyards with varying qualities of ripeness/acidity/fruitiness/minerality, and co-fermenting them. The sites are focused on sustainable farming practices - dry farming, organic and minimal additions.  After a soak on skins (diff for each site), the fruit is pressed into tank where native fermentation begins. Then, approximately 35% of the juice in tank is racked into: amphora, Austrian cask, cement egg, and neutral barrel. Then they wait a lunar cycle (28 days), after which the wine in the vessels is added back to the wine in stainless steel. Once it is fully blended, they place 35% of the wine BACK into amphora, cask, egg, and barrel. This process is repeated three times. But why? Each vessel helps express different potential within the wine:
• Amphora brings structure and natural earthiness.
• Austrian cask adds textural complexity and rounds high-tone aromatics.
• Cement egg pulls out minerality without the loss of fruit aromas.
• Neutral barrel helps express secondary and tertiary flavors.
All this sounds like it would result in a bizarrely disjointed wine, but this (“primarily”) Riesling is one of the most layered AND integrated, pleasing white wines we’ve had in months.  If you had the Ovum “Memorista” Riesling we sold for a woefully short time last year, you will love this one!

Mostly Riesling!

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