Orsolani Al Bacio Erbaluce di Caluso

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The history of the Orsolani winery began at the end of the nineteenth century, when Giovanni Orsolani and his wife Domenica returned from America.  Domenica opened a restaurant, and Giovanni worked in the vineyard and in the cellar producing traditional Canavese wines. Four generations later, the family still focuses on classic, organic farming; and are champions of the grape that made the Canavese famous: Erbaluce.

Erbaluce is an ancient indigenous grape variety from the hilly vineyards mainly located in the area of Caluso and San Giorgio, where the Orsolani winery is located.

Altogether, only 15 growers produce an annual total of 20,000 cases; of this, small amounts are from designated vineyards, or are set aside for spumante and passito wines. Much of the rest results in this perfect summery white, bright and fresh like a mountain stream, and ready to be paired with any seafood or salad.

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