Mosbach Riesling Cuvee Particuliere

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The history of the vineyard in Marlenheim dates back to the year 589 when the Merovingian queen Faileuba, wife to Childebert II, either invented or thwarted a plot against her life.  One of the conspirators, a man excellently named Droctulf, was tortured and mutilated and then ordered to cultivate a vineyard around the King's residence in Marlenheim.

A thousand years later, the Mosbachs, one of the first families of winegrowers in Alsace, took over the cultivation of these vines in a far less gruesome way and has continued to tend to them for more than 450 years. 

Today managed by Paul Mosbach, his brother Jean-Marie and his two children Sylvia and Christophe, the family continues their stewardship into the 14th generation.  Ancient winemaking techniques are still used at the Domaine, with natural viticulture, rigorous selection of hand-harvested grapes, and fermentation and aging in 100-year-old oak barrels deep in the naturally cooled cellars beneath the winery.

The “Cuvée Particulière” comes from the oldest and most treasured parts of the vineyard.   A classic Alsatian Riesling, with some heft and complexity, but with classic minerally acidity to finish.  A serious wine that benefits from some air upon opening, it is perhaps the perfect fall wine.  Any savory autumnal dish will benefit from the wines of Alsace, and this Riesling is flexible enough to accompany your Thanksgiving trial recipes or the Chinese food you order because you’re exhausted from Halloween. Don’t miss this VERY good deal!

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