Middleburg Fluture The Gecko Rosé Piquette

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In 1996, Jennifer McCloud moved to Virginia and settled in the rolling foothills of the Piedmont to make wine. Chrysalis Vineyards -- named symbolically for the rare nectar of fine wine emerging from the barrel as the butterfly emerges from her cocoon -- was born in 1997. Chrysalis is the world’s greatest champion (and largest planting) of Virginia’s greatest native grape, Norton, as well as many other European varieties which thrive in the Virginia soils and climate. 

Fluture is a special brand of four varietals created by Jennifer and her team and is their foray into natural low intervention wines. 

Piquettes are wines created by soaking the grape pomace in water, and re-pressing and re-fermenting the resulting juice.  This results in a low-alcohol, lighter color, fresh wine that is perfect for summer or any application where light and delicate flavors are required.

“Fluture” means “butterfly” in the Moldavan language, which is the language of Chrysalis Vineyard’s assistant winemaker’s wife.
The Fluture labels are original works of art by the talented artist Marcel Deolazo. Marcel has a studio in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA . 

Having a picnic?  Having brunch?  Buy these wines!

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