Los Bermejos Diego Seco Ecologico

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Los Bermejos is located on the easternmost Canary Island of Lanzarote. The island is covered in a layer of ash and lava approximately 4 meters deep from a volcanic explosion that lasted from 1730-1736. Each individual vine is planted in a hoyo (hole) in order to break through to the organic matter hidden below the ash and the vineyards have always looked to us a bit like they have been planted on the surface of the moon. The harsh winds are both protective (against fungus) and destructive, and so the vines get little rock walls as a buffer and do not reach very far up from the ground. The vines are very low yield and the grapes are concentrated. For these reasons each bottle seems special. This Diego is delicately aromatic with lovely concentrated fruit (apple, stone fruits, citrus), bright acidity and great minerality. 

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