Les Foulards Rouge La Soif du Mal Blanc

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Jean François Nicq and Bijan Mohomadi started Les Foulards Rouge (the red scarves) in 2002, purchasing their first 10 hectares in the wild and rocky region of Roussillon, where some of France's most fascinating wine is being made. Jean François had worked for the 12 years prior making wine at the Estezargues co-op in the Côte du Rhône. The vineyards are located in the far south of Languedoc, Les Albères, along the Spanish border, about 10 km from the Mediterranean. They quickly converted to organic viticulture and soon after to strict natural philosophy. Minimal intervention drives the work in both vineyards and cellars. We popped a bottle of this wildly aromatic, salty, and fresh wine just the other night and immediately floated away on a cloud of joie!

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