Las Espinas Roussanne Piquette

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The McPherson family has been a part of Texas grape growing and winemaking for over 40 years. We've proudly carried Kim McPherson's wines since they entered the market and now his sommeliere daughter has taken up the mantle of winemaker as well with these perfect-for-summer Piquettes!  
For the vast majority of folks unfamiliar with the term, Piquette is basically a sort of frugal farmer fizz, a type of natural "wine" that has been made for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  I say "wine" because Piquette is technically not wine, as it’s not made from fermented grapes; instead, it’s made by adding water to grape pomace (the leftover skins, etc. of already crushed grapes) and fermenting what’s left of the sugars.  This results in a low-alcohol, lightly fizzy, beautifully refreshing beverage with pretty aromatics.  Comes in red and white versions from excellent Mediterranean grapes used in her father's wines, both delicious.
Las Espinas White
100% Roussanne

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