Laherte Frères Ultradition Brut Rosé

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We love and carry so many of the Laherte Frères wines, they are basically our house Champagne.  One of the things that makes them so unique is a generous reliance on Pinot Meunier.  In addition to blending it into their regular Brut Champagne and several other cuvées, they make a number of 100% Meunier rosés.  The Ultradition is, like all their wines, farmed organically, and is an excellent introduction to the kind of juicy complexity that Meunier brings to sparkling wines.  The blend is complex as well: 60% is Meunier pressed and taken immediately off the skins to make a white wine, 30% receives a short maceration to create rosé, and the remaining 10% is Meunier macerated fully to create a still red wine.  The result has bright fruits, seductive aromatics, and greater body than you would think.  So much wine for the money!

100% Pinot Meunier

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