Kumusha Swartland Pinotage

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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tinashe Nyumudoka moved to South Africa for better economic prospects. Without any prior experience of wine his journey took him from waiter to head sommelier of Africa’s most lauded restaurant, The Test Kitchen, and also respected wine judge in international competitions.  A friendship with winemaker Attie Louw, of Opstal estate, led to the opportunity for Tinashe to blend his own wines and in 2017 Kumusha wines was founded.  Pinotage was created in South Africa in 1924 by crossing Pinot Noir (which struggled in the region) with the much more prolific Cinsault (then known as Hermitage).  The resulting grape was nothing like either of the parents, dark-skinned and tannic.  But it was intensely prolific and was therefore overplanted made into bulk wine until the 80s when winemakers began taking it seriously.  Now it can make this extremely friendly and full-bodied red that is perfect with barbecue and anything grilled.  Our new South African fave!

100% Pinotage

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