Kellerei Kaltern Lagrein

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Kellerei Kaltern is located in South Tyrol, in Alto Adige, in the area surrounding Lake Kaltern.
The winery is a cooperative of over 600 growers, most of whom are tending tiny family plots. This group effort provides small growers the opportunity to participate in wines that are greater than the sum of their parts. It also preserves historic vineyard sites and maintains the beauty of the village. South Tyrol was annexed by Italy in 1918 and the majority of its residents still speak German, many speak Italian, and a small but significant number speak the protected and still surviving language Ladin. All of Kaltern’s vineyards are farmed sustainably and mainy are organic and/or biodynamic. Lagrein is indigenous to south Tyrol and in this instance, it is medium full bodied, full of deep red and black fruit flavors with soft tannins.

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