Gai'a Monograph Moschofilero

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Wine in Nemea, in the Greek Peloponnese region, is saturated in myth. In addition to a recorded 3,500 years of winemaking, the legend says that the Agiorgitiko grapes are of such rich darkness because they were stained by the blood of the lion that Hercules slew. But Nemea is also known for white wines, and Moschofilero is the standard-bearer. Moschofilero is a pink skinned grape used to make sparkling, still, sweet, and dry wines, all with lovely rose aromatics. In this case, the high elevation of the vineyard site offers cooler temperatures allowing for the longer ripening times that yield this beautifully aromatic and lively wine. Gai’a established its state of the art winery in Nemea in 1997. They blend traditional methods and ancient vineyard sites with the best of modern winemaking techniques. We have never had a wine from them that we didn’t like. This Moschofilero is a particular favorite for the amazing value it offers. As you might imagine, it pairs perfectly with all manner of light Mediterranean (inspired)  meals and snacks. 

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