Domaine Christophe Camu Petit Chablis

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Christophe and Dylan Camu (father and son) are the sixth and seventh generations in their family to make wine in Chablis. They practice Lutte Raisonnee (not entirely eschewing chemicals but using them VERY sparingly as needed) farming on 15 hectares in Chablis including Premiere and Grand Cru sites and, as is the case here, Petit Chablis.
Petit Chablis are considered to be the not quite as prestigious vineyards within the AOC and thus they are the best value. They are often indistinguishable from bottles at much higher prices. This one from Domaine Christophe Camu is a new favorite of ours. If you were to drink this while looking adorable in a cashmere sweater sitting by a fire and eating oysters you would be on the right track.

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