Controvento Doccia Fredda

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The Controvento winery is located in Rocca San Giovanni, a small town in the province of Chieti that is part of the Most Beautiful Villages Club in Italy. The winery is led by Vincenzo Di Meo who comes from a family of farmers.  His grandfather bought a small farm in Ortona in 1951 where he produced table grapes but in 68 he sold it. In 78 his father returned to Abruzzo, to Rocca San Giovanni, and bought about two hectares of land where he planted the first vineyard. The vineyards are located in a preserve where there is a permanent prohibition on hunting. The vines are all grown organically. In the cellar, the fermentations are spontaneous and take place in steel under the careful supervision of Vincenzo, without the addition of yeasts and sulfites. The wines are then not clarified or filtered, and rest in the bottle for a short time, preserving their most particular characteristics. Doccia Fredda means cold shower, and this gorgeous, glowing wine is like a fresh, bright bottle of brisk fall sunshine.  Quick, before they're gone!

60% Trebbiano D'Abruzzo, 40% Passerino

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