Clemens Busch Von Blauen Schiefer Riesling

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Clemens Busch is the fifth generation of Busch men to farm their family's vineyards along the Mosel.  A man well ahead of the curve, he began converting his vineyards to organics in 1984. He now has each site certified biodynamic and is producing powerful Rieslings with no additions save the minimum amount of effective sulfur.  Blauen Schiefer translates as Blue Slate in English - a reference to the stones littering the Marienburg GG vineyard, which is the early-picked source of fruit for this super taut and crunchy wine.  The estate is unique among its middle-Mosel peers as it produces around 80-90% dry wines, although many are now following Clemens’ lead. The traditional production methods are thoughtfully adjusted according to the vintage and include late harvesting, maceration before pressing, long slow natural ferments and extended lees aging in ancient 1000-liter fuders (the youngest of which is 57 years old!).
This is an extraordinary Riesling, no doubt age-worthy, but already spectacular in its youth.  Tuck this one away for any of your fall or winter meals!  

100% Riesling

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