Christina Saint-Laurent

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Christina Netzl began her path towards natural winemaking as a young girl of 5 years old, working on her family’s farm and vineyard with her parents and grandparents. Her parents later focused the family business solely on grape growing and winemaking. Christina studied oenology and wine management in London, getting to know wine styles from all over the world. In 2007, she returned to the winery to work with her parents, and after having two children became passionate about organic viticulture. In 2018 they began the official process of certifying organically. Over the last 10 years working at the winery, Christina has fallen in love with ancient winemaking practices and thus has now launched this natural line of wines we absolutely love. The St. Laurent is our newest addition the line of Christina wines we carry.
St. Laurent is a native Austrian grape similar to Pinot Noir, but here the loamy soils here lend a distinct forest berry character. Carbonic maceration lifts the vibrant red berry fruit, and the slow, cold fermentation helps extract color without the harsh tannins. Juicy and velvety, with pretty alpine spice and crunchy fruit, this is the perfect Spring wine.

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