Cameron Giuliano White

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In 1984, winemaker John Paul founded the Cameron winery after a stint as assistant winemaker at Carneros Creek. The winery name was inspired by its location in Dundee and was named after the Paul family's Scottish Clan.
The 'Giuliano' is Paul's ode to the great white wines of North-Eastern Italy, which shares many similarities with the terroir of Dundee Hills. This bottling is a blend of Auxerrois, Friuliano, Muscato, Pinot Blanco, and Pinot Grigio from the Abbey Ridge and Clos Electrique vineyards.  Rich but zesty, complex but so very easy to drink.  It's hard to think of a greater example of the kind of blending of tradition and creativity that is happening all over Oregon.  One of the white wines we've been the most excited about this year!

Field blend of Auxerrois, Friuliano, Muscato, Pinot Blanco, and Pinot Grigio

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