Tre Secoli Ca' Bea del Maniero Pinot Noir

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Ca’ Bea del Maniero is a collaboration between Tre Secoli, one of the most esteemed cooperatives in the Piedmont, and importer/winemaker Emanuele Gaiarin.  While Pinot Noir is not the first grape one associates with the Piedmont, it has a long tradition of making some very respectable wines there, and this one is no exception! 

The Tre Secoli Winery was born from the union of two large Piedmontese wine cooperatives: the Social Winery of Mombaruzzo, established in 1887 as the first association in the Piedmont, and the Cantina Sociale di Ricaldone, a relative newcomer at only 60 years old.  

The properties encompass a number of high hills (about 450 meters at the highest points) that rise in the Alto Monferrato between the basins of the Belbo and Bormida rivers. The climate is temperate, with a Mediterranean influence and very little rain.  All winemaking is sustainable.

This is a light but not at all insubstantial Pinot that we have been selling for many years. Several of our customers regularly order cases to keep it as a house wine (they are very excited about this sale!)  Supremely flexible with food, but not at all reliant on it.  This is a wine you can enjoy with a meal, or with a chill at the beach. A GREAT DEAL!

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