Brand Wilder Satz Pur

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This is the brothers Brand’s (makers of awesome Pét-Nats, the Electric Acid Chardonnay, and our favorite liter of crisp, dry Riesling!) version of a “field blend;” a super-delicate, ultra-fresh white with more varieties than you can shake a stick at and more complexity than most natty orange wines at twice the price. This is lean, mineral, chalky, with a garden’s range of aromatics from dried hay and flowers to soil and stones, accompanied by an oceanic minerality and saltiness.
The Bacchus drawing on the label was done by the brothers' grandmother, which is adorable.  Fresh, fun, natural wine with no additional sulfur.  Only 12 bottles available!

Chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Scheurebe, Silvaner

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