Borell Diehl Pfalz Müller-Thurgau Trocken

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Müller Thurgau was created in 1882 by Dr Hermann Müller by crossing Riesling with a table grape called Madeleine Royale. Easy to grow and a prolific producer, it became VERY widely planted and some would say it played a hand in the lowering of Germany's wine reputation. These days everyone with sense knows that many of the finest wines in the world come from Germany and Müller Thurgau is the one with a bit of a bad reputation. In the right hands, though, the grape can make wildy gulpable, bright and zippy wines. This one is just that with citrus and round stone fruits, mouth watering acidity, some minerality. Another opportunity to share with friends over all sorts of meals like lighter Thai or Vietnamese dishes, fried fish, or on its own as an aperitif. 

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