Bodega Cauzón Granada Red

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As the wines of Ramón Saavedra are from the arid south of Spain, one might expect them to be hot and high in alcohol; instead, they are bright and fresh with soft tannins. The vineyards are on the northern side of the Sierra Nevadas at elevations of 800-1000 meters, and they are largely on sheltered, north-facing slopes. These factors combine to produce an intense diurnal shift which moderates ripening and allows for more balanced, fresher wines. Farming on these thin soils, Ramón must be attentive to prevent erosion, retain and restore nutrients, and cultivate a living environment around and among his vines. So he plants legumes throughout the vineyards, rejects all pesticides and herbicides, and handles the canopies of each vine carefully to cope with the extremes of heat and sunlight. Native yeast fermentation, aged in stainless steel, no filtering or fining at any time and no additives of any kind, not even sulfur. Perfect for a juicy burger of the meat or plant protein variety.

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