Domaine Bobinet Piak! Rouge

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MANY of you have enjoyed the "white" Piak we featured two weeks ago.  You should ALSO enjoy this luscious red!
  "Piak" is, allegedly, the sound the mouth makes when it is parched. In France, at least. (The French also believe that a dog says "Waouh, Waouh!" and a slamming door goes "VLAN!" so we must make allowances.)  Whatever sound you're making, it'll turn into a croon of pleasure when you try this fresh, bright Grolleau made from the youngest vines at Domaine Bobinet in true Glou-glou fashion.  Never fear, though, this wine has some food-worthy acidity that some juice-bombs lack.  Fermentation with wild yeasts, unfiltered, unfined, minimal sulfites, this and its blanc de noir twin may be our most exciting Summer wines this year.  Quite limited quantities, and it will go very fast, so snap it up.

100% Grolleau

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