Birichino Car Car Glou Glou Akashita Montague Vineyard Lodi Carignan

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Akashita is one of the creatures inhabiting a late Edo period scroll of yōkai- spirits, phantasms and fantastic beings, and appears alternately hidden in dark clouds or near floodgates as either protective spirit or menacing omen by virtue of its association with farming or water. The wine is the product of Old Vine carignane from the late Hoover period vinified via carbonic macération (most famously employed in Beaujolais for Nouveau) and fermented with native yeasts, and bottled without fining or filtration. “Glou glou” denotes and onomatopoeically implies a wine to be consumed as the “glug glug” echoes from the throat, with one’s monster mouth open wide. 13 barrels produced.

100% Carignan

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