Antiquum Farm Perpetua Album Pinot Gris

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From our old friend, Stephen Hagen.  We'll let him describe this beautifully mad and ambitious project: "A few years ago, we began asking how to continue deepening our understanding of the terroir of Antiquum Farm. What we recognized was the tension between the grapes we pick each year and the grapevine itself. It seemed simple to acknowledge that we must pick each season's fruit to make wine, but unlike the fruit, the vine stays rooted in place, year after year. In 2018 we began the work of building a different picture of this place, one that combines multiple years of Pinot Gris into a single wine. Thus was born Perpetua Album, a multi-vintage blend which, while currently being equal parts from 2018 and 2019, will eventually contain 10, then 20, then 50 years of wine, expressing the enduring heart of Antiquum Farm."  if anything, Stephen and his winemaker Andrew Bandy-Smith are even more skilled with Pinot Gris than they are with their celebrated Pinot Noir.  Get in on the ground floor with this highly allocated wine!

100% Pinot Gris

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