Altos de Montanchez Vegas Altas Orange

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Altos de Montanchez (originally Cerro la Barca) was founded by best friends Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González in 2003 to revive the reputation of their native Extremadura, in western Spain. While its winemaking history can be traced to 550 BCE, phylloxera and powdery mildew hit the region hard in the 19th century, and it has only recently recovered. Cerro la Barca became the first winery in the Extremadura to operate Organically. This bright and spicy Orange wine (extended skin contact with the grapes gives it its gorgeous deep color) is perfect for outdoor picnics but will also dance with complex foods. 
Try with Panang curry!

50% Pardina, 50% Cayetana 
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